Ambaji Mandir

General Info about Ambaji Mandir


  • To provide a place of worship to Hindu community in Tamba bay Area.
  • To keep our children in touch with religion and culture.
  • To educate our children about our religious and cultural values.
  • To provice a place to our community which they can use at the time of their need to celebrate happy events and share sorrow at sad events.
  • To acquaint the community at large with our culture.
  • To create better understanding among community members with different back grounds in a multi-ethnic society.

Temple Volunteers & Families

Dr. Rajan & Rekha Naik
Shri Ramesh Patel
Shri Manubhai Patel
Shri Umesh Patel
Shri V. R. Patel
Shri Rajubhai Patel
Shri Chabildas Parmar
Tiru Nagarajan Kannan
Tiru Subramaniyam
Dr. Vijaya and Ramila Patel
Guruji Swami Omdev Yogi
Dr. Sonal Shah
Dr. Manoj Gupta